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Water Bottling Plants

Al Kafaah specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of packaged Drinking Water Bottling Machines for Washing, Filling, and Capping of 5 Gallons / 20 Litre PC and PET bottles. All solutions provided are completely packaged, easy to operate and maintain, requires minimal maintenance and are offered on a turnkey basis. All required spare parts for these units are readily available with Al Kafaah.


Standard Water Bottling Machines by Al Kafaah consists of the following segments: 


    Bottle De-capper 

    Bottle Internal / External Washing Machine 

    Water Filling Line

    Bottle moving conveyor 

    Capping / Pressing Machine

5 Gallons Drinking Water Bottling Machines

Washing, Filling, Capping

Cost effective – lesser investment to setup

Economic – lesser operation and maintenance cost

Operation – easy to operate, simplified control system

Production – higher productivity

Energy efficient – requires less electricity to operate

Spare part – readily available in-house

100 BPH


300 BPH


450 BPH


600 BPH


1000 BPH


2000 BPH


3000 BPH


4000 BPH


Benefits of Use

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Standard Production Capacity

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