Intelligent Water Solutions

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Waste Water Treatment Systems

As global industrialization is rapidly proliferating, so are the rates of effluent discharges. Governments are responding by applying pressure on industries to reduce effluent outflow, and in some places by reusing the wastewater produced. Al Kafaah offers tailored solutions for treatment and reuse of industrial effluent from highly concentrated industrial process. Design specifications vary on effluent parameters and discharge standards. Al Kafaah provides comprehensive solutions for individual industries.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

for highly concentrated industrial effluent

Petroleum, petrochemical

Concrete, block & cement manufacture

Chemical, paint industry

Resin, polymer manufacture

Textile & dying factories

Pharmaceutical, medicine industry

Slaughterhouse, meat processing

Dairy, poultry farm

Industries Served

Packaged and custom designed wastewater treatment systems for treatment and recycle of effluent from laundry and light wash waste water from industrial and commercial facilities; units are economical to operate and operate efficiently in varying influent conditions.

Laundry Wastewater Recycle

Light industrial wastewater treatment in skid mounted and packaged units for car wash water recycling. Systems are automatic and do not require expensive maintenance and replacement making it economical to use.  

Car Wash Water Recycle

Wastewater Recycle

for light industrial & commercial applications