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Typical applications:


- Buildings

- Labour Camps

- Islands

- Offshore Rigs

- Municipal Towns

- Industrial Complex

- Housing Development

- Industrial Park / freezones

Typical applications:


- Housing Camp

- Office Complex

- Temporary Site

- Labour Camp

- Island / Offshore Rig

Systems for municipal sewage treatment

Sewage Treatment Systems

Municipal Wastewater

Increase in global population and rapid urbanization has also lead to an increased production of municipal sewage wastewater from various sources. Discharging this wastewater without sufficient treatment can pose mass health and environmental hazards. It is essential to discharge and dispose of this wastewater in an environmentally friendly manner. With technical expertise of UK based ASHFLO Technologies, Al Kafaah is successfully building and executing sewage treatment plant (STP) and recycle systems with utmost proficiency. Success in such systems are a result of continuous research and development in the field and the execution of countless installations worldwide.


Essentially, these systems take into considerations several factors including:

cost effective setup cost

low operational cost

flexibility in increased sewage input

odor and smell free operation

ecofriendly technologies

Sewage Treatment Plant - STP

Municipal Waste Water Treatment

Compact Wastewater treatment systems designed for being compact and containerized, which ensures system can be easily moved from one location to the other without any major civil, mechanical or plumbing works.

Containerized Sewage Treatment

STP for Temporary Sites, Camps, Oil Rigs


Typical applications:


- Buildings

- Labour Camps

- Islands

- Offshore Rigs

- Municipal Towns

It is very important to safely discharge sewage produced from offshore areas and on-board ships to the sea without adversely affecting the marine environment and posing a threat to oceans and the coast. To prevent unsafe disposal of sewage, an effective treatment system specifically designed to operate using minimum resources is required. In collaboration with ASHFLO UK, a renowned technical partner, various marine sewage treatment systems are offered in custom design and standard designed modules.

Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

Moduled systems using activated sludge and MBBR

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Typical applications:


- Residential villas

- Office buildings

- Temporary sites

- Mobile / remote camps

Compact sewage treatment units serve the purpose of treating and recycling sewage produced in comparatively lower quantity. Treated sewage can be used for irrigation and gardening purposes and safe discharge to municipal drainage as TSE. Technologies used include physical and biological treatment which ensures an effective process and lower operational.

Compact Sewage Treatment Unit

for residential villas and temporary sites

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