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Oily Water Separator - Industrial heavy and light oils  

Oil Water Separators

& Interceptors


Typical Applications


- Petroleum / Chemical Industries

- Storm Water Drainage

- Ships / Marine

- Oil Drill Equipment Cleaning

- Vehicle Wash

- Hotels / Restaurant

- Airport / Workshop

Oil water separation is a process that many refineries or other oil processors to clarify water prior to discharge. Al Kafaah provides applications that can successfully separate oil from wastewater. Al Kafaah is proud to offer the following oil and water separation technologies:


Industrial Oil Water Separator

Low Concentrate Oil Water Separator

Vehicle Wash Water Recycle

Marine Oil Water Interceptor

Cleaning Water Interceptor

Grease / Heavy Oil Interceptor

Oil Separator AL Kafaah UAE Dubai


Well Test Separator

2-phase, 3-phase and high pressure


Three-Phase Test Separator helps provide safe and efficient separation for the measurement of the oil, gas, and water phases being produced from the reservoir. The separator can be used in well-testing applications as well as cleanup operations for newly completed or stimulated wells.


The test separator is a self-contained modular unit containing the valves and pneumatic controllers needed to regulate the vessel pressure and fluid levels during a well test. The redundant safety design incorporates preset safety relief valves and a rupture disc assembly.


Horizontal Two/Three Phase Separator

Vertical Two/Three Phase Separators

High Pressure Separators

Typical Applications


- Oil Rig / Drill

- Oil & Gas Exploration

- Oil Refinery

- Petroleum Industry

Oil Separator & Interceptor Tank

drainage & storm water

A range of packaged oil & grease interceptors are available at Al Kafaah which are custom fabricated in specially protected metal tanks which ensure durability and long life. Typical models are available for


Surface / Above ground installation

Underground installation.

Typical Applications


- Infrastructure

- Water Drainage

- Wash Bays

- Wastewater Pre-Treatment

- Pumping Station

IMG_20151206_200755 Al Kafaah Oil Separator Tanks

Industrial oily water treatment, Well test separators and oil-petrol interceptors

Compact Petrol & Oil Separators

Light applicatons

Compact box type oil separators serve purposes for smaller flow requirement and installed underground to intercept oil, petrol and oily water.

Typical Applications


- Petrol Stations / Car wash

- Kitchen, hotels

- Drainage / Storm water

- Light oil drainage