Intelligent Water Solutions

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Carbon Odor Control

activated carbon absorption

Biological Odor Control

bio-scrubber and bio filtration


Chemical Odor Control

wet type acid and caustic scrubber

horizontal emergency scrubber

Air pollution has turned to be a widespread phenomenon in today’s growing world. And amongst this, foul odour pollution is a critical situation, especially for existing and operational wastewater and sewage treatment plants,  Al Kafaah designs and builds a complete spectrum of odour control units incorporating various processes. Systems ensure that the surrounding environment remains safe from hazardous air pollution and ensure an odour free surrounding. It is currently mandatory in most sewage treatment plants and is being rapidly incorporated in operational existing systems.

Typical Applications


- Lifting Station

- Sewage Treatment Plant

- Industrial Wastewater Treatment

- Sewage Pumping Station

- Chemical Industries

- Water Purification

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Odor Control - Municipal & Industrial