Intelligent Water Solutions

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Producing clean desalinated water for drinking and potable applications in ocean bound ships, vessels and yachts is very important during its voyage. Al Kafaah offers tailored solutions for such marine applications, which mainly operate under a wide range of seawater categories. Al Kafaah specially designs individual units to ensure and height constraints are met.

It is very important to safely discharge sewage produced from offshore areas and on-board ships to the sea without adversely affecting the marine environment and posing a threat to oceans and the coast. To prevent unsafe disposal of sewage, an effective treatment system specifically designed to operate using minimum resources is required. In collaboration with ASHFLO UK, a renowned technical partner, various marine sewage treatment systems are offered in custom design and standard designed modules.

Marine Systems

Marine Watermaker - Reverse Osmosis

fresh water generator from sea water by RO

Water treatment solutions for marine applications

Marine Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

Moduled systems using activated sludge and MBBR

Various integrated systems and solutions are available for ballast water treatment specially designed for on-board use in ships, ocean liners, VLCC etc. Al Kafaah offers various BWT systems, which are designed and built by ASHFLO UK; apart from reliability, these systems are both compact in design and fully skid mounted.

Ballast Water Treatment (BWT)

Disposal systems for ballast water

Disposing bilge water from ships without proper treatment can pose an environmental hazard as it usually consists of various grades of hydrocarbon elements. Durable systems are offered by Al Kafaah, which are built by ASHFLO UK of various sizes, processes and flow rates.

Bilge Water Disposal System

Packaged modules for bilge water management

Al Kafaah Dubai UAE Marine STP Sewage Treatment Plant offshore
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producing clean water at sea...

Compact Skid Mounted Reverse Osmosis Units in UAE