Intelligent Water Solutions

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Grey Water Treatment Systems

Wastewater recycling from grey water outlets is a very cost effective and convenient method to reuse water for numerous applications. Initially adapted within ‘green buildings,’ in recent times, it has turned out to be a very effective process to save clear water input. Al Kafaah designs and builds a wide range of sizes and types of Wastewater Recycling Systems, to suit the particular requirements of every application. Al Kafaah Grey Recycling systems have been installed, tested and successfully accepted by numerous organizations worldwide. These Systems have proven at successful at saving water consumption of utp 88% at its installed locations.


Recycled wastewater parameters from Al Kafaah systems have been analyzed to be much superior in terms of quality. These systems are rapidly being adapted in most residential complexes, universities, industrial laundries, hotels and villas to name a few. Rising water costs and development of sustainable designs has made this a very wide-spread technology.

Grey Water Treatment & Recycle Systems

fixed and skid mounted units

Irrigation, gardening

Toilet flush reuse

Multi-storied complex

Shopping malls, business centers

Green buildings, office complex

Large & small villas

Temporary sites, labour camps

Housing buildings


Influent source: GREY WATER

Minimum output capacity: 50 M3/D

Maximum output capacity: 1,000 M3/D