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AL KAFAAH is a highly specialist company bringing together most diverese technologies in the field of Desalination, Water Treatment,  Waste Water Treatment and Odor Control. Al Kafaah's was established by merging an array of in-depth theoretical know-how with the vast experience of process contracting and technical engineering advancement.


Innovation, efficiency and cost-reduction are the three fundamentals behind Al Kafaah’s establishment to serve the water treatment and reuse industry. Using the most advanced technologies Al Kafaah specialists ensures to bring overall solutions to nearly all corners of the water treatment and reuse industry.  From conceptual designing, through to the process of commissioning, Al Kafaah provides innovative turnkey solutions to all parts of the industry. Al Kafaah brings into its business the most qualified and experienced personnel to handle the complex nature of water management projects, thus assuring every project, satisfactory completion on time and budget. With a vast experience in the most arid regions, Al Kafaah has developed into a leading organization in the field of design, supply and operation.



With decades of experience in the water separation industry, Al Kafaah has become an icon in the field and since its inception has been providing technical and logistical support to numerous organizations in the Middle East. Al Kafaah has until the present day, been assigned to design and commission water-processing projects of both high and medium productivity in the most inhospitable conditions and per stringent government guidelines of the Gulf.    



Al Kafaah brings into its business, the most qualified and experienced personnel to handle the complex nature of water management projects and encourages bringing futuristic ideas into the water-processing sector. In the mean time, the company’s staffs have proven their competence by the successful completion of numerous projects.















International Partners

Al Kafaah is technically affiliated with various renowned international enterprises to bring together a vast array of products which conform to all international standards, quality assured for durability and longevity. The following are our technical partners:

Ashflo Logo Final * Reverse Osmosis Desalination * Water Filter & Softeners * Surface Water Treatment & Ultrafiltration UF * Chemical Dosing, UV Systems * Utility Investment - BOO, PPP BOOT, BOT etc. * Rental Water Desalination * Wastewater Treatment Systems * Odor Control Systems * Pressure, Booster, Fire Pump Set * Oil Water Separator, Grease Interceptor

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* Marine Sewage Treatment * Marine & Ballast Water Treatment * Marine Watermaker RO

About Our Company

AKRO Water Inc., USA

A multi-disciplined company based in Venice, FL manufacturing high end quality products for desalination by reverse osmosis, water filtration and process treatment, desalination equipment and components and water pumping equipment and packages.



An internationally renowned company with manufacturing facilities in England, engaged in the manufacture and engineering of complex industrial wastewater separation and treatment, municipal sewage treatment, industrial oil separators, light oil interceptors and various odour control technologies.

AKRO USA * Laundry Wastewater Recycle

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